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What is Home Health Care?
It is a manner of care delivery that is ideal for most homebound patients. Care can be provided to individuals of any age with conditions that require continuing care by a medical professional, structured treatment or nursing care instruction.
Services range from high-tech medical procedures to basic personal care which are provided with the aim to:

  • Reduce the strain caused by long-term hospitalization
  • Lessen nursing home bills during an illness or disability
  • Create more flexible home-based care options for the patient and the family

Staying at home enables one to maintain social ties and involvement with community, friends, and family. This preserves a sense of independence and security for the patient. In many cases, the consistency of home health care can eliminate the need for hospitalization altogether.
We have the ability to provide appropriate medical and non-medical care to you and your family. If you prefer remaining in the home rather than in institutional settings, Revival Homecare Agency is here to help. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of healthcare in the comfort of your own home. With a team approach to address your needs, we offer holistic care plans that consider your physical, psychological and spiritual needs as a patient.

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